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Is Copywriting a Profitable Career in Nigeria?

IS COPYWRITING IS A PROFITABLE CAREER IN NIGERIA? What You Should Know About Copywriting In Nigeria

Maybe you’re a Nigerian and you have been thinking of starting copywriting as a career. Perhaps you just want to finish school and you’re thinking if copywriting is the next thing for you. Or you have a flair for writing. 


You can really write and chunk words together. And yes, being able to write is an advantage in this our thing.


But the question that keeps crossing your mind is that, is copywriting a career worth going for in Nigeria?

All over the world, people want to become a copywriter that can sit anywhere and work without prejudice or challenges.
After I have served in the copywriting industry in Nigeria for years I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly part of becoming a copywriter in Nigeria.
It’s good to hear that we have a lot of brains and hardworking Nigerians in the copywriting industry and it is commendable but is learning copywriting worth the stress?
Yes and No…Please don’t shoot me yet let me explain.
When I say yes, I mean copywriting is an in-demand skill for any business that wants to make more profit.
You can’t do without it. It’s a system of writing to persuade people in order to take a desired action or invest in their business.
Looking at it from the angle of value copywriting brings to the market  and how it’s important for every business especially internet based business.

What is Copywriting As a Career?

When we talk about taking copywriting as a career you’re simply saying you want to become a freelancer.  A freelancer is a self-employed person who earns money by providing services to multiple clients. 

As a freelancer, you don’t have a boss. And you can work when and how you like, you can work in your kitchen or bath room (if possible). But the work of getting jobs is on you. Which is why freelancing or taking copywriting as a career could be challenging.


Let’s not talk about how important it is alone but let’s talk about the monetary side of it, which is the reason you’re reading this article. You want to know if it can make you money or not in Nigeria.

How Much Does a Copywriter Earn in Nigeria?

Yeah, copywriting is a high income skill. It can pay you much between six figures and seven figures. But how many businesses in Nigeria can actually give you 6 to 7 figures for writing copy for them? Some, because I have personally worked with businesses in Nigeria that paid in 6 figures but the headache is that it’s not consistent as people say it. 


Let’s look at it intently, average business owners in Nigeria prefer to learn copywriting and then use the knowledge to sell their product.


A lot of businesses in Nigeria are not looking for copywriters to hire. They prefer to do the work themselves even though 95% of them can’t write a high converting copy but they prefer to do it. People who make the most money in Nigeria as a copywriter work with tech companies that pay them high like fintech. 


So, if you’re looking to provide copywriting as a service to the Nigerian market, the greatest challenge you may face is getting a Nigerian client who will truly pay you what you deserve.


Do You Need to Get Hired Before You Make Money as a Copywriter in Nigeria?

No, there are different ways you can make money as a copywriter and one of them is to work with small business owners. You have to look for them, have them as clients, help them get leads or increase sales. But that’s not all there is to making money in the Copywriting industry.

Other Ways Learning Copywriting in Nigeria Can Be Profitable:

  1. Use your copywriting skill to promote Affiliate Product: So far copywriting is about selling a product, you can as well use your copywriting skill to promote an affiliate product. You can sign up with expertnaire, JV marketplace, JZ Zoo etc. and become an affiliate for them.
  2. Create A Digital Product and Sell: If you have knowledge about something people will be willing to learn. You can have it in ebook format, audio or video formats and use your skill to sell it.
  3. Start an eCommerce business: To run a successful eCommerce you’ll need to know how to write Social Media Copy, Sales Copy and Email Marketing to sell your product. Your knowledge of copywriting will help you make more sales in this industry.

Is learning copywriting worth it in Nigeria?

Depends on the factors you’re considering but if you want to run an internet business you can’t do without copywriting.


If you want to grow fast in your business you need knowledge of copywriting. And if you just want to learn copywriting and offer your skill as a service, in other words, you want to become a freelancer. Registering on freelance platforms like Fiver or Upwork is what you need and also you can get clients on Linkedin.


Before you start talking about getting clients the first thing is to understand copywriting itself and you learn how to become a professional copywriter in a short time plus how to get a high paying client. If that’s what you need, then why not click here and enroll for Copywriting Bootcamp?


Share your thought, how is learning copywriting in Nigeria?