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Hey, Eben Muyiwa here...

We suddenly wake up sometime to the reality of what is possible and sometimes look like it’s not possible.

Doing what you like to do. Enjoy it and do it so much till people start seeing you with your passion. Such was my story in 2020 when I was able to teach 3000 people copywriting and have hundreds students. I was just enjoying reading and writing copies, until people started coming to me, asking questions about copywriting. Then I found I need and I have to fill it.

Likewise, I worked with clients to increase their conversion and ultimate made them more sales. In the midst of this, I still have students I trained the craft of writing copy for business product or services promotion.

And please don’t think it was just and always rosy like that. There were days unpalatable and yet move on.

After failing in 7 businesses offline and online, I think I have what it takes to help one or two people bypass the mistakes I made in this business journey.

Plus my goal of helping 5000 people start and scale an internet business in 2021 which will be achieved via teaching and coaching, individually and collectively as the case maybe.

This keeps me awake daily and my desire is to help these 5000 people before 31st December 2021 and I believe by then I will say I have achieved my goals.

For now let me stop here

Do you have an internet business?

Are you planning to start one?

Do you want to join me to achieve this goal or you want to among the 5000?

Or you have a business you want me to work on your marketing promotion as a copywriter


How I change people's life and scale businesses?

As an Internet Business Strategist and Direct Response copywriter I help people to: