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28 Things Every Beginners And Experts Copywriter Should Know

Certain rules and principles pertain to every subjects or industry and knowing it early and fast will help in understand of what the subject entails.

In the direct response industry among others things we are to familiarize ourselves with are these cogent "28 must know" for every successful copywriter

Here are they:

1. Tell your reader instantly what is in it for her
2. Make it simple to read, so simple 9 years old can understand
3. Lead with instant emotional stimulation
5. Use attention grapping phrase
6. Avoid the use of "that" if possible
7. Space your sentence for easy reading
8. Don't forget why you're writing (action/money)
9. Let it be relatable
10. Write everyday
11. Don't sound desperate

12. Be 100% believable
13. Don't blame your reader
14. Write with passion
15. Know your audience more than they know themselves
16. Write to one person
17. Read your copy loud
18. Hand-copy blockbuster sales letter
19. Learn to swipe and not plagiarize

20. Use slippery slope
21. Keep repeating the main benefits
22. Write benefits driven bullets
23. Don't talk too much about yourself
24. Use common English
25. Fear, Greed, lust are common emotional triggers use it.
26. Close with hell fire effect (like your reader has choice to do what she likes)
27. Tell her the exact thing to do next (a strong call to action)
28. Let's your offer be Irresistible

What do you think about this? Or you have additional ones, let me know what you think below