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7 Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Is there a thing like I don’t know what to do?

I guess there is especially if you work in the creative industry where you need to come up with something that’s unique or a bit unique.

Or you’re trying to start a task you’ve not done before.

If you’re a copywriter like me. I remembered my first ever sales letter even after I have been studying copywriting for a while; I still find it a bit difficult and tense just to start writing one.

How about my first email, or the time I started posting on social media for business? It wasn’t rosy.

Everything we do for the first time always seems it’s impossible there's this imposter syndrome like I don’t know it enough. Maybe I need to read more or maybe I need to take one more course

Or I should go back to the course and then come back to implement.

Well, if this has happened to you before or now you’re not alone.

A lot of people had been there, will be there and some are there, the best thing is to find your way around it.

Here are 7 things I have practiced personally to do something when I don’t even know what to do

1. Make Sure You Have Materials On The Task You're About To DO

This is what I mean, let’s say you want to write a copy for a product promotion, you need to understand the basic steps about copywriting first of all. Either you get course or read books.

After you know you acquire the knowledge you need about at least basic…next

2. Break Down The Steps To Do The Work

This is what I do and I learnt it from Brian Tracy, he says: Proper Prior Planning Prevent Poor Performance (PPPPPP)

And for every task you plan ahead before you start. You double the speed of doing the task. Let’s say you want to write copy

The first thing you need to know is to understand the product features, then transcribe the features to benefits and then benefits to bullet points.

After that you need to know your product, competitors and Prospects.

This needs to be broken down. Maybe the first thing is I’ll study the product and then write out the features and then do what follows.

Till you get the result you want.

3. Write With Pen and paper

Yeah, I’m of the old schools but this thing works for me. In fact, head knowledge of what you want to do is just wish and not a goal. Until a goal is broken down into steps on how to achieve it, it’s not yet a plan.

That’s practice listing the steps you need to achieve that task. Take a pen and paper and list everything out. Then rearrange it in order of priority.

Till you achieve it.

4. Take a Walk

I mean you should stop trying to do anything and just walk out. It just brings a natural peace and be able to breathe fresh air and listen to the Earth itself with no distractions.

And when you do this your subconscious mind still works on the task. Take a scroll to the place where you can experience nature itself and take deep breath.

Refresh and get back to the work later

5. Talk to A Friend

There are people you should be able to call when you feel tense or don’t know what to do about a task. This could be friends you meet online, Facebook or twitter but you build intimacy.

This person could just spark fire in you by telling you things you should do. And it’s not compulsory you talk about the task you are about to do. Just talk randomly about your passion and you feel yourself back.

A lot of people will say but I don’t have friends or I don't like to keep friends. Well, I understand and I’m not telling you to gather friends but there are people you should be able to call and gist with that’s what I mean.

6. Listen to cool music and take a Nap

Our body needs to rest and your brain as well need rest. Don’t over stress it.

Cross your leg, listen to good music, try to think about the lyrics of the song and then take a nap.

When you’re awake move away from the noise. You’ll feel yourself better and get back to the work you want to do.

7. Don’t Do Anything

And I mean don’t try to do the task. Just drop it and go back to it later. It’s foolish but I’m very serious here. I do this sometimes and I later go back to the task. You’ll be amazed how this works.

I know there are many ways to solve a challenge but these are steps and things I do when I don’t know what to do.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do and need to do a task?

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